Chancellor of the SHHUT: Dr. Aminreza Noghreabadi

Education: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Rank: Associate Professor

Telephone: +98-61-36751021

Fax: +98-61-36751020


Chancellor is the leader, the executive head and the legal representative of the university and is responsible for all the university affairs. The Chancellor is selected by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology. After the confirmation of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, the Chancellor is assigned to this position for four years. The Minister can also extend the Chancellor’s term for another four years. The duties and powers of the Chancellor are as follows:

– Responsibility for all the university affairs and executing all the decisions of the Board of Trustees based on the regulations and circulars issued by authorities

– Preparing and proposing strategies, policies and objectives to the Board of Trustees

– Identifying the executive policies based on the strategic plans issued by the Board of Trustees, planning and conducting cultural, educational, research, health and welfare activities and development and resource management based on the strategic plans.

– Careful and continuous monitoring of the university affairs such as employments, assignments, promotions and dismissals of the faculty members and staff

– Preparing financial, administrative, employment and organizational regulations and proposing the required changes in the regulations to the Board of Trustees for follow up

– Preparing the annual detailed budget and presenting it to the Board of Trustees and monitoring the spending of budget in the university

– Signing contracts, important documents, financial records, administrative correspondence in the framework of the rules

– Appointment and dismissal of the members of the administrative board, members of university council, heads of departments and research centers and managers of academic and research groups

– Offering scientific cooperation with national or abroad academic and research institutions

– Suggesting the establishment, development, elimination and integration of different units in university to the Board of Trustees