The administrative board is the second-highest executive authority and is composed of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors with the following duties and powers:

– Preparation of  the strategic and comprehensive plans of the university

– Determination of the executive and administrative policies of the university to carry out the comprehensive plans

– Investigation of the university programs and plans to be presented to the Board of Trustees

– Investigation of the annual budget of the university to be presented to the Board of Trustees

– Assessing the suggested plans and programs such as student admission, sabbatical leaves, short-term educational course inside and outside of the country

Administrative Board of the SHHUT:

Chancellor: Dr. Aminreza Noghreabadi

Representative of the supreme leader in the university: Hojatoleslam val Moslemin Seyed Mohsen Shafie

Manager of the research affairs: Dr. Hamid Mohammad-sedighi

Manager of the academic affairs: Ms. Madine Farnam

Manager of the cultural and student affairs: Mr. Amin Aeen Mehr

Manager of the office of services: Dr. Alireza Chaji

Head of the mechanical engineering department and the strategic organization of the university: Dr. Naser Sadeghian

Head of the electrical engineering department: Dr. Peyman Moghadasian

Manager of the financial and administrative affairs: Mr. Mansoor Alaee