The office of the cultural and student affairs supports the students by focusing on the health and welfare issues. This office works collaboratively with the students to better monitor their conditions and manage their needs. What follows are the duties and activities of this office.

– Formation of the university Cultural Council and monitoring and developing the activities of the scientific and cultural associations of the university

– Continuous Relations with the Representative of the Supreme Leader in university

– Participating in the administration board meetings to decide about the cultural and student issues

– Promoting Islamic ethics, Quran and Hijab

– Encouraging the staff and students to participate in congregational prayer

– Arranging ceremonies for different national or religious occasions

– Arranging educational and recreational camps for the students

– Offering consulting services to the students

– Effective activity in the social media

– Holding religious, art and cultural courses for the student

– Issuing ID cards for the students

– Managing the affairs of the educational loans and the dining facilities for the students