First Name: Alireza Dr Chaji
Last Name: Chaji
Research Interests
Entropy and Information Theory, Bayesian Analysis and Optimization, Stochastic Processes, MCMC, Goodness of Fit Tests, Time Series.
Journal Papers
– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R. Maximum Bayesian entropy method for determining ordered weighted averaging operator weights. Computers Industrial Engineering, No 63, (2012) 338–342 (ISI)

– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R. Determination of ordered weighted averaging operator weights based on the M-Entropy measures. International Journal of Intelligent Systems, No 27 (12), (2012) 1020-1033 (ISI)

– Rahman Farnosh, Rashed Khanjani Shiraz and alireza Chaji. Stochastic FDH Model with various return to scales in Data Envelopment Analysis, Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mathematics,2011.

Conference Papers
– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R. Obtaining the OWA operator weights based on the Bayesian entropy. Proceeding of the Italy Conference Cruise, Rome, Italy, (2012) 819

– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R. A method for obtaining the OWA weights by a measure of entropy. 11th Iranian Statistical Conference, Tehran, Iran (2012)

– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R. R, Khanjani. A new model for determining OWA operator weights using maximum fuzzy entropy, The 7th International Iranian Workshop on Stochastic Processes, November 30- December 2, 2010, Tehran, Iran

– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R., R. Khanjani. A method for Selecting OWA operator weights, 4th International Conference of Iranian Operations Research Society, Department of Mathematics, University of Gilan

– Yari, G. Chaji, A. R. A method for selecting generating OWA operator weights models, 10th Iranian statistical conference, Tabriz, (2010).

– Chaji, A., Maximum entropy membership functions for discrete fuzzy variables, 10th Seminar on Probability and Stochastic Processes (SPSP10) .Yazd university

Educational Records
B.Sc. in Statistics, The University of Birjand, 2005

M.Sc. in Statistics, Tarbiat   Moallem University, Tehran, Iran,2008

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Statistics), Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2013

2008 First rank (top honor) student among the M.Sc. statistics graduates of the university