The SHHUT was established in 2008 with two primary departments, the Mechanical and Electrical engineering. Today, after passing more than seven years, about 300 undergraduate students are studying in the SHHUT. All the educational and academic affairs of the students and faculty members are organized and precisely monitored by the office of the Academic Affairs to bring the best academic environment in the SHHUT. The duties of this office are as follows:

– Investigating and monitoring the educational level of the university

– Preparing educational policies and perspectives to be approved as a part of the university regulations

– Preparing short-term and long-term programs for collaboration with other universities and educational associations

– Investigating the facilities to develop higher educations

– Planning to improve the quality of the educational services

– Planning to develop virtual educational systems in collaboration with the office of Information Technology and Communication

– Preparing and investigating the annual reports on the academic level of the university and the quality of the educational services

– Evaluating the educational performance of the faculty members and students and planning to fix the educational issues